Bacon Social House (Denver, CO)

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First, I’d like to give praises to Cindy (<— click on her name, it’s a hyperlink, you’re nosey, so I know you’re going to click on it.  You’re welcome). When traveling to other cities the hardest part is trying to find the perfect place to eat.  People usually point you into the direction that everyone would go to.  No one really points you to hidden gems.  They’re afraid that you may not like what they like or they’re doing you a favor by playing it safe and telling you to go to Cheesecake Factory.  I went to Cindy’s website and she’s the True Foodie of Denver.  The page is set up where if you’re looking for certain foods you’re able to find it with no hesitation.


During my trip to Denver, I decided to go to Bacon Social House.  It’s located off of 44th Avenue, and had an interesting Bacon menu.  (I mean… Why else would you think I would go there?)  The restaurant gives off a quality bar vibe with amazing outdoor seating and a great bar area.  I was able to indulge in two different dishes and six different bacon.  Yes, six!  The dishes that were chosen were Chicken and Waffles, Boozy French Toast, and a Flight of Bacon.


I’ll start this review off by describing the Chicken and Waffles.  I’ve had a ton of Chicken and Waffles in my day, and usually it’s a love it or hate it feeling.  The dish came with Sausage Gravy, Over Easy Eggs, and Bacon.  The Chicken and Waffles was nothing special.  It was a regular waffle, kind of bland, and a little crispy.  The Fried Chicken wasn’t the best either.  It was just Fried Chicken that needed more salt and pepper.  This dish I thought was a disaster.  Until I tasted the Sausage Gravy.  You ever have a helping hand in life?  Like when the teacher would round that 69 to a 91 because she knew you tried hard all summer and gave you a crossword puzzle worth 30 points to bring your grade up?  Or the time where the basketball coach let you start the game on Sr. Night but took you out after four minutes, because he actually had to win the game or be eliminated from playoffs?  That’s exactly what this sausage gravy did.  Amazing. Spectacular. Savory.  The spices and saltiness of the sausage to go with the thickness and creamy flavor of the Gravy made me forget all about the bland taste of the Chicken and Waffles.  This was the best Sausage Gravy I’ve tasted in a long time.  The Chicken and Waffles weren’t bad, but they needed more seasoning and maybe vanilla extract to be added to the batter of the Waffle for it to taste better.


The next dish that was ordered was the Boozy French Toast.  It consisted of Challah Bread, Berries, Bourbon Bacon Caramel, Vanilla Whip, and Grand Marnier.  If you’re trying to limit yourself from alcohol, stay away from this dish because you can clearly taste it.  (Wait, did I just convince you to go try this dish?)  The French Toast was pretty good, and it offered different flavors with each bite.  One bite you tasted berries, and the next bite you tasted alcohol.  The Bourbon Bacon Caramel was a nice touch to the dish as well.  Challah Bread is very thick, so it can with stand copious amounts of juices and still give off a crunchy exterior but oft interior.  The Flight of Bacon that was ordered consisted of Applewood, BBQ, Candied, Habanero, Paleo, and Chipotle Ranch.  I was in bacon heaven.  To have that many flavors of different bacon in one sitting was amazing.  My favorite was the Chipotle Ranch.  Spicy on the outside, but gave off the Ranch taste with each bite.  The BBQ bacon gave off a smokey flavor which would’ve went well with some scrambled eggs and Avocado toast and the Habanero had me reaching for water like my life depended on it.


Overall, this place is a go-to. There are plenty of brunch restaurants in the Denver area, but make sure you stop at this place first.  If you do nothing in life make sure you get the Flight of Bacon and the Sausage Gravy.  Beyond amazing.



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