Roister (Chicago, IL)


……How about that last episode of GOT and Avengers End Game!!??  Wow. F***ing Wow.  The way the horses were running and people were fighting…… Yeah… I don’t watch GOT, but I’m trying to deflect any questions or thoughts about me being MIA from restaurant reviews.  (I did see End Game though, which I’m pretty sure someone was cutting onions in the movie theatre)  To be honest, April was more focused on life and family.  Not that every month isn’t, but the month of April will always be a focal point in my life.  Maybe one day I’ll share, but this isn’t a lifestyle website, it’s a restaurant review site, so let’s stick to that mmkay?


Roister, a One-Michelin star restaurant, that’s apart of the Grant Achatz portfolio.  If you’re unfamiliar with Chef Grant, then you’re missing out.  He is one of the well-known Chef’s in the United States that leads a 3-Michelin star restaurant and was voted top 50 restaurant in the world.  The interior of this establishment is more laid back, with an opportunity to dine at the chef’s counter.  They have an open kitchen that allows you to get a glimpse of the action while you dine on some of the best well rounded dish that you’ll eat for half the cost of your typical restaurant.


During my visit I was able to dine on three dishes.  Octopus, Lasagna, and Butternut Squash.  I’ll start off with the Octopus.  Three succulent tentacles that sat on top of the best fennel I’ve ever had in my life.  It also was mixed with Aleppo Chili and Nicoise Olive Oil.  The dish was sweet, flavorful, and had a slight kick to it.  Octopus can be a challenge to cook, but if done right it’ll be one of the best things you’ve had.  The saffron sauce was creamy and buttery and had an unbelievable smooth texture to it.  If I didn’t have any table manners, I would’ve licked the plate.


The next dish that was ordered was my entree.  The Roister Lasagna which consisted of hearth roasted tomatoes, ricotta, and arrabiata.  I decided to get Lasagna because I rarely order it and wanted a home feel cooked meal.  The dish was a bit on the spicy side and the noodles were charred, which was different for me because I’m used to it being al dente.  The cheese melted perfectly and the sauce was a bit too salty, but other than that still a very good dish.  This was one of those hearty meals that reminded you of being home on a Sunday night enjoying a meal with family.


The last dish that was ordered was the Butternut Squash.  I would like to say unequivocally, that this was the best side dish I’ve ever had.  The Squash was creamy and the presentation was one for sore eyes.  Half of the Squash was charred and the other was purred combining the perfect texture and flavor.  It was sweet, salty, and a bit tangy from the orange.  I could rave about this dish but until you try it, you’ll genuinely have no idea of why my mouth is watering as I describe my experience.


Overall, this restaurant is a go-to.  The prices and ambiance are one for a great date night.  There are plenty of dishes on the menu that I’m sure are excellent, but if you’re looking for a meal and a great experience while being at a Grant Achatz restaurant then this is the place for you.


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