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Misery Loves Co (Winooski, VT)

What the hell is a Winooski, Vermont?  Well, I guess people can say the same thing about any other city or town that they’ve never heard of.  The only city in Vermont that I can name without having a headache is Burlington.  I only know of Burlington because I can name at least one major

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Purple Patch (Washington, D.C.)

Ahh yes, another brunch spot.  I refuse to be a nobody in a city where people fake care about what you do for a living so they can judge you.  Everyone knows the universal question in D.C. is “What do you do for a living?”  It’s the most asinine, reasonable question out there.  “Do you

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The Twisted Frenchman (Pittsburgh, PA)

Have you ever wondered why we eat the food we eat?  Who in their right mind, dug into the ocean, and ate an oyster raw and said it’s an “aphrodisiac”.  That’s how I feel about some of the foods I eat.  I mean, I still eat it like it’s my last meal, but that’s not

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