Brush Sushi Izakaya (Decatur, GA)

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Ramen is one of my favorite kind of soups.  I remember the days where I would eat oodles and noodles between class because that’s all I could afford.  I remember putting shrimp in my oodles and noodles and calling it a gourmet meal.  Those were the days.  Those days keep me humble, those days I don’t ever want to live again, that’s why I work so hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.  I decided to search a Ramen spot in Atlanta, Georgia because I knew this would be a great soup to have during the winter weather.  As I did research I was able to come across Brush Sushi Izakaya.


Brush Sushi Izakaya is located in Decatur, Georgia off of Church Street.  It specializes in High-end Izakaya serving Japanese small plates & sushi in exposed-brick surroundings.  I chose this place because it had an extensive menu and the pictures of the food looked phenomenal.  The restaurant specialized in four types of Ramen that are made from scratch and are limited while supplies last.  The Ramens ranged from a Lobster to a Manila Clam.  The interior of this restaurant is spectacular as well.  The art of a chicken posted on the wall, with explanations of the different part were interesting.


During my visit to Brush Sushi Izakaya I was able to try out three dishes.  The dishes ranged from Manila Clam Ramen, Octopus and Blue Fin Tuna Nigiri, and a Katsu Sando which is a Fried Chicken Sandwich.  I’ll start this review off with my favorite meal of the night.  The Manila Clam Ramen, which was packed with flavor, consisted of Clams & Duo Broth, green onion, and ajitsuke egg.  The Clams really stood out in this dish as they were meaty and sweet.  The tart flavor of the onion to go along with the saltiness of the broth worked hand in hand.  The noodles were perfectly cooked were they weren’t too soft or too firm.  The Ajitsuke Egg was sweet as well.  I’m a huge fan of eggs as you all know, so anytime there’s a dish with eggs incorporated in it, I don’t second guess about ordering it.  This Ramen is a definite go to if you decide to dine at this restaurant.


The second dish that was ordered was the Nigiri.  I wanted to try two things on the menu.  The Pacific Octopus and the Blue Fin Tuna caught my eye and I was excited to try them both.  The Blue Fin Tuna was fatty and meaty but was fresh and delicate at the same time.  If you’re into sushi or Nigiri than this is the perfect fish for you.  I also ordered the octopus which was flavorful as well.  I’ve never had an octopus that was slightly cooked on top of rice.  I expected the octopus to be completely raw, but it tasted as though it was poached.  Either way, these two items are a must order when you dine here, too.

The last dish that was ordered was the Katsu Sando.  It consisted of a Fried Chicken Biscuit, Katsu Sauce, Ajitsuke Egg, and Ponzi Salad.  I would describe this sandwich as a perfectly Fried Chicken Breast, stuck between two slightly heated pieces of Wonder bread, and finished off with some sweet and sour sauce.  The Ponzi Salad is just a regular garden salad with vinaigrette dressing.  The egg was slightly Fried but yet raw in the inside which I thought was pretty cool, because I’ve never had an egg like that.  The Fried Chicken Biscuit, is a little deceitful, because the bread wasn’t anything “biscuit like”, yet it was more of a regular toasted sandwich bread.  The sandwich was sweet, it was good, but wasn’t my favorite.  I think too many sauces went into this sandwich.  The sweet and sour sauce was good, but it didn’t work well with the other sauce which had the equivalency of a light mayonnaise.


Overall, this restaurant is a must go to.  The Ramen itself is worth a go.  I went during lunch times and the prices are extremely reasonable.  Once you decide to go to this restaurant, let me know what you think!


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