GunShow (Atlanta, GA)

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I’m writing this post with a Glock 37 in my left hand as I type all the words with the other like a four-year old spelling out their name.  As much as you believe everything I say, sadly I’m not telling the truth about me holding a gun.  In fact, this restaurant has nothing to do with guns and I’m petrified of them.  Why would I go anywhere near something that can instantly kill me?  I’d rather continue to dip my shrimp in red lobster butter and die a slow death.  By the way, Red Lobster has the best melted butter on the planet, go debate your grandparents.


Gunshow is a restaurant located in Atlanta, Georgia off of Garret Street.  It is known for its “eclectic eatery with dim-sum-style roving carts doling out creative bites to communal tables”.  It’s pretty cool how the restaurant operates.  You sit down at your seat and chefs come to you with items that they’ve prepared for dinner.  For example, on the menu you have an option of chicken, fish, and beef.  One chef will come up to you and explain the chicken dish and you have the option to say if you want it or not.  If yes, they place it in front of you and mark your menu with what they provided you.  If no, they X it out.  Pretty cool, right?  Did I mention the interior of this restaurant is beautiful as well.  High ceilings, an open kitchen, and a vibrant atmosphere.


During my visit I was able to have a seat right at the “chef’s table” and was able to get an eye of all of the action that was going on.  Four items were ordered that ranged from Fish Collar to Lamb tartar.  I’ll start off with the Fish Collar.  Yes, an actual collar of a fish.  The specific fish that was used in this instance was a Swordfish.  It was prepared with Daikon Avocado, Wasabi, and shoyu.  The ingredients used in this dish were very meticulous.  The spiciness of the wasabi to go with the sweetness of the fish worked well.  I never had a collar on a fish, I actually never knew such existed, but apparently they do.  The fish was meaty and the daikon had the consistency and texture of a fried cabbage.  If you add that with shoyu then you have a pretty flavorful dish.  I would’ve never imagined I’d be ordering the collar of a fish at a restaurant but here we are.  Because the menu changes often, I’m not sure if you’ll be able to order this dish, but if you are, I wouldn’t pass on it.


The next dish that was accepted was the Ethiopian Spiced Lamb Tartar.  The lamb tartar was raw and came with injera bread fittingly for an Ethiopian themed dish.  I remember going to an Ethiopian restaurant in Washington, D.C. and I asked for silverware, and the waitress looked at me like I was silly so I made sure to not ask for any dinner ware for this dish.  The injera bread was soft and the sauce that was provided with the tartar worked well with the rawness of the meat because it was spicy.  If you’ve never had Lamb TarTar then now would be the perfect time to order it.


The third dish that was ordered was the Apple Glazed Pork Belly.  It consisted of Sunchoke Relish and black truffle.  The Pork Belly was meaty and was cooked perfectly.  It wasn’t too salty, but maybe I couldn’t tell because I took a bite and mixed it with the Sunchoke Relish.  I couldn’t really taste any truffles in this dish, but I’m assuming they were incorporated with the Pork Belly.  There was also a spoon full of whipped potatoes added to the plate as well.  These potatoes were so good that I considered picking the plate up and licking it, but I have table manners.  Well, at least I’d like to think so.


The last dish that was ordered was the Roasted Diver Scallops.  The Scallops were accompanied with Oxtail Marmalade, Grapefruit Sabayon, and fennel.  I was so upset with this dish because the chefs thought it was wise to only include one scallop!  This scallop almost brought a tear to my eye though.  It was perfectly seasoned and had the perfect sear on it.  The Oxtail stole the show on this dish though.  It was shredded and had the consistency of a pulled beef.  The perfect spices and blends flowed through my taste buds with each chew.  The Grapefruit was an interesting piece to this dish.  I assumed it was their for color, but when I had the opportunity to try it and added some of the fennel with it, I can see why it was included in this dish.  The grapefruit was a little sour, but the smokiness flavor of the Oxtail was able to combat the sourness.


Overall, this restaurant is a must.  The restaurant is only open from the hours of 6-9 p.m. when they are open so make sure to grab a reservation.  If you decide to go without a reservation then you’ll be turned around.  As always, I give you the important information at the end of the review just to make sure you’ve read it all.



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