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Big Sky Buckhead (Atlanta, GA)

During my trip to Atlanta, I came to the conclusion that Buckhead has an advantage over all major cities in the United States.  Where else can you find a mega mansion for $17.58?  That same mansion will be found in Los Angeles, New York, or Washington, D.C. for a $100,000,000.00.  That sucks.  The only disadvantage

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GunShow (Atlanta, GA)

I’m writing this post with a Glock 37 in my left hand as I type all the words with the other like a four-year old spelling out their name.  As much as you believe everything I say, sadly I’m not telling the truth about me holding a gun.  In fact, this restaurant has nothing to

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Brush Sushi Izakaya (Decatur, GA)

Ramen is one of my favorite kind of soups.  I remember the days where I would eat oodles and noodles between class because that’s all I could afford.  I remember putting shrimp in my oodles and noodles and calling it a gourmet meal.  Those were the days.  Those days keep me humble, those days I

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