Amy Ruth’s (Harlem, NY)

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One thing about breakfast is you can’t find “home feel” food just anywhere.  You ever wake up and say, “I want grits, bacon, eggs, pancakes, home-fries, and pork-chops “?  That’s because meals like that aren’t just anywhere.  You can’t go to your favorite Michelin-Restaurant to get that, or your favorite Chinese or French restaurant to get it either.  You have to go to places you normally wouldn’t.  These places would be considered the “hood”, but to me it’s considered home.  These places treat you right.  They know why you’re here and what you need.  There are no fancy whistles and bells, just good eating.  You’re not here to compare what’s better amongst the other meals you’ve had, you’re here to be satisfied and go about your business.  That’s why restaurants like Amy Ruth’s are so important.


Amy Ruth’s, which is located in Harlem, is a down-home restaurant which has been in business for twenty years.  It has the interior of a “come sit down, we’ll take care of you” feel, where there are drawings of public figures and a menu that involves public speakers who dined there.  There are no bells and whistles with this restaurant, just good plain ol “come eat”.


During my visit I was able to indulge in two dishes.  Fried Chicken and Waffles and Fried Pork Chop and Eggs.  The Chicken and Waffles were served just as plain as can be.  A good hot Waffle made with vanilla extract and Chicken which was fried perfectly and had a golden brown look to it.  The Chicken were Whole Wings, not breast or thigh’s (although there is an option for you to get that), were still smoking once you opened them.  They were hot, flavorful, and meaty.  The seasoning on the chicken was just right, and gave you a feel of someone’s grandmother in the back cooking.


The next dish was the Fried Pork Chop and Eggs.  It consisted of Grits, Over Easy Eggs, and a Golden Brown Fried Pork Chop.  It’s not everyday that I order Pork Chops, so I figured since I’m at a restaurant that could serve me one for breakfast, I took advantage of it.  Adding a little bit of hot sauce to each slice of Pork Chop, made the experience that much better.  The Grits were buttery and salty, just as they should be, and the eggs had the right amount of yolk running out of them.


Overall, if you’re in the area check them out.  This restaurant is a good, “I want grits” place.  Home-cooking, no bells or whistles, just good enjoyable food.


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