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Food Hidden Under A Rock (Ceci’s Chicken And Waffles/ Table 28)

Travel Review : Fun Fact….. Little Rock and North Little Rock are technically two different cities. (Can you imagine if those two high schools were rivals?  The conversations would be hilarious) .  Oh, another fun fact, I didn’t know Bill Clinton was from Arkansas and has an airport named after him.  How is that relevant to

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Clam We All Just Get Along (Boston Chops/State Street Provisions)

Travel Review : Boston just has a feel to it that you would know you’re up north.  The time I got off the plane and walked through the airport to catch the bus to the hotel all you heard was the “new york/up north”accents.  You’ll know what I mean once you go or if you’ve

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Southern Hospitality (Ray’s On The River/ RA Sushi)

  Travel Review : Let’s see what the south has to offer us! Instead of driving to Atlanta, GA I flew (Because who wants to drive if they can fly? Again… Don’t answer that question).  First, let’s just say the airport is big as s***. WOW. It’s actually convient as well as they have a

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