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Magdalena (Baltimore, MD)

There are so many restaurants that I’d like to visit, but because I haven’t hit the lottery yet, it’s going to take some time to get to them all.  However, there is one that I wanted to get to sooner rather than later.  That restaurant is Magdalena.  The menu changes often so I literally went

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Rye Street Tavern (Baltimore, MD)

Hey!  Have you missed me?  Well, even if you didn’t at least act like you did.  Where have I been?  Around.  Dassit.  Just, around.  No need to explain yourself when you’re an adult.  Those rules don’t apply if you’re married though, try it at your own discretion.  One thing I’ve been doing is neglecting I-95

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Butterfunk Kitchen (Brooklyn, NY)

I feel as though I should be writing this review with some kind of James Brown music playing in the background.  “Butterfunk” is a horrible name for a restaurant, but it’s so bad that it’s recognizable so I guess their PR team is smarter than a fifth grader.  The restaurant opened at 5:30, but I

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