Momofuku (Washington, D.C.)

Does D.C. have the best brunch restaurants in the United States? “Pho Sho”. Ok. That was lame, but I’m lame, so I guess it works out for me! ¬†I was trying to find some¬†way to incorporate the words Pho into the beginning and that was the only thing […]

Trinity Restaurant (New Orleans, LA)

I wanted to start this review off with using some bombast words that describe how marvelous this restaurant is. ¬†Sadly, I can’t. ¬†All I can come up with is,¬†it’s one of the best restaurants I’ve been to in New Orleans. ¬†That may not seem like a lot of […]


I’m fully convinced that finding the perfect restaurant in New Orleans is like finding a needle in a haystack. ¬†Wait, before I move on… Have you all ever looked at an image of a needle in a haystack? ¬†Whoever finds it should win an award, because that s*** […]