The Noble South (Mobile, AL)

Hey. ¬†Let’s start off with a fun-fact. ¬†Did you know that Mardi Gras actually started in Mobile, Alabama and NOT in New Orleans? ¬†I know when we think of Mardi Gras, we think of New Orleans and maybe Mississippi, but contrary to what you’ve been told it actually […]

Fiola Mare (Washington, D.C.)

What are your expectations when dining at a “Fancy Restaurant”? ¬†Do you expect service be exceptional? ¬†Or that the food taste so fresh you’d think they hand picked it from the ocean that day? ¬†What about the decoration? ¬†Do you want amazing views and an “upscale” look? ¬†Because […]

Toups South (New Orleans, LA)

Whenever I’m in DC on the weekends, especially on Sunday’s, brunch is a requirement. ¬†There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. ¬†It’s almost looked at as if you’re a Unicorn if you don’t eat brunch on the weekends. ¬†I wanted to take that same approach in […]