Takoda Restaurant (Washington, D.C.)

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When’s the last time you had sweets for brunch?  Or.. What was your favorite sandwich growing up as a kid that would quickly erase your hunger pains?  If you said Red Velvet Cakes or Peanut Butter and Jelly then this place is right up your alley.  One thing I love about eating in D.C. is that you can never get bored with discovering restaurants that offer foods you’ve never tried.  I always enjoy searching for places to eat because it brings a certain excitement to my life that’s unimaginable.  This place brought the excitement out of me with its flavors and creativity to its dishes.  The restaurant is located off of Florida Avenue in Washington D.C. down the street from Howard University, a prestigious HBCU (Historically Black College University).

tak- 6

I was able to travel to this restaurant during brunch hours where the menu attracted to me to try some things I’ve never had.  Among some of the things that were ordered were the Red Velvet Pancakes, Salmon Cakes, and Peanut Butter Jelly Chicken Wings.  The first dish we have the Red Velvet Pancakes that were layered on top of whipped cream cheese and topped with black pepper maple syrup.  The pancakes were fluffy, sweet, and delicate but the cream cheese put this dish over the top.  The cream cheese added the extra sweetness to the dish that helped make the pancakes “pop”.  The pancakes were good, but I doubt they’d taste as good as they did without the cream cheese.  I don’t think anything was done differently with the pancakes other than the coloring, nevertheless if you’re in the mood for pancakes this is a dish for you to get.

tak- 13

The next dish that was ordered was the Breakfast Salmon Cake.  It was prepared by pan-searing the salmon served with a hashbrown waffle, sunny side up egg, hollandaise, and sweet pepper relish.  I have never been to a restaurant where only ONE “benedict” type of dish was offered.  Usually when ordering some type of dish that incorporated the ingredients above it comes with two sandwiches.  I was highly disappointed that the chef didn’t consider giving its patrons two sandwiches instead of one, but nevertheless the dish was still amazing.  Maybe that’s why I’m a little frustrated because the dish was so good, but I don’t believe the proper portion was provided.  The dish came with sliced oranges also, but only thing I can think at that time is “What the fuck do they think I am, a child?” I loathe breakfast potatoes but I believe this would’ve been the better option with this dish instead of “sliced oranges” that were provided.  The salmon was tasty and the hollandaise sauce gave it the right amount of sweetness to go with the dry taste of the hashbrown waffle.  I can understand why they wouldn’t provide potatoes with this dish because it’s incorporated with the waffle, but at least provide two biscuits instead of one.

tak- 10tak- 9tak- 11

Last but not least we have the Peanut Butter Jelly BBQ Wings.  I never had PB&J wings so I was definitely excited to try this dish.  The wings were nice and crunchy but I didn’t taste much of the peanut butter that I thought I would.  It tasted like traditional barbecue wings, which I love, but my excitement wore off with each bite.  The wings were a bit overpriced as well for what they advertised.  If a chef says that he’s going to make a dish which main ingredients include something then that’s what I need to taste.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t too pleased with this dish.

tak- 1tak- 3tak- 2

Overall, I wouldn’t rush to this restaurant if I were you.  The flavors on some of the dishes were good, but I doubt any of the other dishes would blow you away.


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