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Takoda Restaurant (Washington, D.C.)

When’s the last time you had sweets for brunch?  Or.. What was your favorite sandwich growing up as a kid that would quickly erase your hunger pains?  If you said Red Velvet Cakes or Peanut Butter and Jelly then this place is right up your alley.  One thing I love about eating in D.C. is that

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Columbia Firehouse (Alexandria, VA)

The most important meal of the day isn’t breakfast anymore.  It’s eating what you love to eat at any given time.  Breakfast has become so “remixed” that you can argue one can eat dinner food during breakfast time.  Beef, Fish, Pork, and Chicken are food groups that are thought of during dinner time, but who’s to

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Hidden Gems.  By now you should all know how much I love a restaurant that isn’t on everyone’s radar, but after reading my experience at this restaurant you may want to make sure you head to this place as soon as possible.  Washington, D.C. maybe one of the hardest places to pinpoint where you should

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