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Beuchert’s Saloon (Washington, D.C.)

“Howdy bub!  Let’s go get some supper shall we?”- Cowboys, probably.  Quick fact, this restaurant was founded in this same location in 1880 by John Ignatius Beuchert, a German immigrant and prominent Capitol Hill businessman. Legend has it that throughout Prohibition, Beuchert’s operated as a speakeasy, behind such fronts as a Singer sewing machine store and

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Butterfunk Kitchen (Brooklyn, NY)

I feel as though I should be writing this review with some kind of James Brown music playing in the background.  “Butterfunk” is a horrible name for a restaurant, but it’s so bad that it’s recognizable so I guess their PR team is smarter than a fifth grader.  The restaurant opened at 5:30, but I

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BLT Prime by David Burke (Washington, D.C.)

Another DC brunch suggestion for the have-nots.  (You know, I’ve always said that if you live in the DC area and you don’t do brunch, you’re considered a “nobody”)  One thing I can say about eating brunch in D.C. is if you have friends that like to calculate the check when it comes out, then

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