Category: Grits

SavannahBlue (Detroit, MI)

  RESTAURANT REVIEW : Indescribable. Transcendental. Ethereal. Okay, you got me.  I had no idea what ethereal was until I googled synonyms to describe how amazing this restaurant is.  Learning experiences don’t stop, especially for SavannahBlue.  This restaurant prides itself on exploring new ways to experience upscale African-American cuisine in Detroit.  What I found out to be

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LoVeDelphia (Buddakan/Green Eggs)

TRAVEL REVIEW:  If you had a choice to choose between the best city in Pennsylvania, which would you choose?  Well, Pittsburgh is most know for the Steel Mill or the Steelers, but after that then what?  Or, was your answer Philadelphia all along?  Great! Mine too! What is Philadelphia most known for? Cheese Steaks?  Will

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