UrbanSoul (Detroit, MI)

RESTAURANT REVIEW : Soul Food!  You can’t go on a restaurant excursion to an all African-American owned/inspired restaurant and not stop at a soul food spot.  If you’re not into soul food or haven’t tried it please give it a shot.  Most of the greens that are offered for vegetables […]

Bold Food & Drink (Cleveland, OH)

    Out with the old, in with the new.  Bold Food & Drinks is just that.  It’s a new restaurant located in the eastern district of Cleveland Flats.  A new area that’s meant to revitalize parts of downtown Cleveland waterfront.  Demetrios Atheneos, part-owner and executive chef, has […]

SavannahBlue (Detroit, MI)

  RESTAURANT REVIEW : Indescribable. Transcendental. Ethereal. Okay, you got me.  I had no idea what ethereal was until I googled synonyms to describe how amazing this restaurant is.  Learning experiences don’t stop, especially for SavannahBlue.  This restaurant prides itself on exploring new ways to experience upscale African-American cuisine in […]