Author: savortrav

Shirley’s Breakfast (Miss Shirley’s)

Restaurant Review : Breakfast! The most important meal of the day right?  I decided to grab some breakfast at this spot called Miss Shirley’s in Maryland.  They have different locations but this one I went to was in Annapolis, MD.  They are known for having “Pancakes or French Toast” specials of the month.  This month they

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The Sweetest Arch (Goody Goody / Sweetie Pies)

  Travel Review : Let’s go see the St. Louis Rams play! Wait, it’s June, we have to wait until August at least, no… Wait.. They moved the team to Los Angeles. I’m assuming it’ll feel… “different” in St. Louis during football season.  I rode past the stadium and I literally saw grass growing out of

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SunFlowers And Barbecue (Rye)

Travel Review : Kansas in June? Bring a portable fan, ice pack, and a personal umbrella holder because it’s HAWT AS **** (Or insert some other word that you wouldn’t want your child to use).  I drove to Kansas from St. Louis because I wanted to explore this state before I ventured back over to Missouri.

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