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GunShow (Atlanta, GA)

I’m writing this post with a Glock 37 in my left hand as I type all the words with the other like a four-year old spelling out their name.  As much as you believe everything I say, sadly I’m not telling the truth about me holding a gun.  In fact, this restaurant has nothing to

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Kith and Kin (Washington, D.C.)

Hey!  It’s two days after Thanksgiving.  Put the food in the garbage can or freeze it so you can make it at a later date.  If you continue to eat Thanksgiving food, then your taste buds will be bland for the next month, I guarantee it.  No, I’m joking.  I remember growing up, eating ‘chitlins’

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SavannahBlue (Detroit, MI)

  RESTAURANT REVIEW : Indescribable. Transcendental. Ethereal. Okay, you got me.  I had no idea what ethereal was until I googled synonyms to describe how amazing this restaurant is.  Learning experiences don’t stop, especially for SavannahBlue.  This restaurant prides itself on exploring new ways to experience upscale African-American cuisine in Detroit.  What I found out to be

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