Hash House A GoGo (Las Vegas, NV)

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“OH!! This is gonna be fun, we can stay up late, swapping manly stories…. and in the morning… I’m making… WAFFLES” <– (Donkey voice from Shrek, and for all of you haven’t seen Shrek, shame on you.  I may even reevaluate our friendship)  There are so many dishes you can eat in the morning.  Those items include waffles, pancakes, bread, eggs, meat, grits, oatmeal, and cereal.  I know, I know…. I left some things off of the “many dishes you can eat in the morning” subject, but you understand where I’m coming from.  That’s why I love going to brunch over breakfast because you’re not limited to what you eat and what you can order.  Sometimes things that are on the lunch menu aren’t offered on the breakfast menu, that’s why you have to find that even middle spot and become slightly obsessed with “brunch”.  I was referred to this restaurant a bunch of times, in fact so many times I can’t remember how many people told me to go here, but I’m happy I did because the restaurant didn’t disappoint.


The restaurant doesn’t take reservations, at least at the location I was at, which was at The Linq in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I was told that if the hotel/casino isn’t nice then your food won’t be as good as it should be in Las Vegas.  I suppose that has some truth to it, because I had some great food and some okay food, and coincidentally the good food were at nice hotels.  The restaurant has a desert feel to it, like you’re dining at an old gas station.  Even the food is presented in huge portions.  I also believe this restaurant was featured in Man vs Food, but I’m too lazy to fact check, so if it was, drop a comment and let me know.  The restaurant gets pretty busy really quickly and I can tell that if you’re not there early on a weekend, you can possibly wait up to an hour or so to sit and eat.  I went on a week day and the wait was about a half an hour, so I’m just giving my point of view.  One of the best things about this restaurant is that, even though a bunch of food is presented to you, the prices won’t rip your wallet in half.


This post is going to be straight to the point as only two dishes were ordered and I didn’t gamble in the hotel.  But you came here for the food right?  Right!  Two items were ordered off of the menu.  First, the chicken and waffles and the Fried Green Tomato Stack.  I’ll start by confessing my love for the Fried Green Tomato Stack.  The Fried Green Tomato stack came with homemade chicken salad, goat cheese & balsamic vinaigrette.  It also sat on top of a mouth-watering watermelon.  The fried green tomatoes were flavorful, crisp, and paired with the creaminess of the chicken salad your taste buds will be in heaven.  I understand that goat cheese may turn people in a different direction for those who haven’t had it, but goat cheese is actually really good.  In my opinion goat cheese goes well with things that are sweet and cold because it has almost a pepper taste to it.  There were so many things on the menu that you can order that were all under $20, but I opted to go with this dish which I am proud of ordering.  I’d order this dish a million times if I had the opportunity to.  The chicken salad  was so good, I contemplated on ordering another side of it.  It almost taste like a creamy crab with its consistency, but I have to remind myself that it’s a chicken salad.  Why can’t I just have my way sometimes?  Let me know what you think about this dish when you order it, and if you don’t order it, let me know what you ordered so I can try that dish out!


The next dish that was ordered was the Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken & Bacon Waffle Tower.  If you want a dish so mouth watering and so perfect then this is the dish for you.  The fried chicken was cooked to perfection and seasoned to perfection as well.  I say this because not enough restaurants use enough salt on their chicken and sometimes people don’t understand that the more salt you use the better.  The salt actually gives away with some of the oil that you use to cook your fried chicken, so that’s why it’s okay for you to over season your meat in this instance.  The bacon waffles were also amazing too, as they provide you with 4 or 5 nice size waffles and surround the plate with their homemade sauce similar to a sweeter sweet and sour sauce.  It took a while for this dish to be eaten, but that’s because of how huge it was.  This seems to be everyone’s favorite dish when dining at this restaurant and I can see why.  The bacon in the waffles weren’t little pieces of bacon either, these were long strips that were cooked before they were inserted into the waffle.


Overall, if you’re in Las Vegas or wherever this restaurant maybe in the world, please give it a try.  I try to stay away from chain restaurants because I believe you don’t get a sense of uniqueness in its food because usually all of the restaurants ingredients are the same.  I’ll break that rule today and let you all know it’s okay to dine at this particular “chain” restaurant.



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