The Guild (West Hollywood, California)

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How can you travel miles away from where you live and not try anything new?  I’m all for trying foods that you eat on a consistent basis, but what about the foods  that are there that you’ve never heard of?  Are you going to shy away from those foods because they sound disgusting or unappetizing?  No.  You should look at that as an opportunity to learn more about the animal, plant, fish, or whatever “thing” you’ll be eating.  The Guild Los Angles offers a very extensive menu, focusing on bold, creative, and innovative flavors and dishes.  One of the reasons that attracted me to this restaurant is the items that they offer, I’ve had before but not the way that they described them.  Located in West Hollywood, California this restaurant is along the strip of one of the busiest streets in the area.  It is also the same place that once occupied Screen Actors Guild.


The Guild interior design gives off a rustic look.  You’ll see wooden furniture and the ceiling decorated with tin tiles and leather along the walls.  This is an inviting feel as each table is properly lit with a candle for more of a romantic ambiance.  The menu offers a diverse culinary region of foods ranging from Mediterranean to French to Asian to American.  The restaurant is owned and led by Diego, who has been in the restaurant industry for years and knows a thing or two about bold flavors.  His leadership is demonstrated as he interacts with his guest personally to follow up on how well his kitchen is performing.  I believe interaction is great, but not as common as it should be by restaurant leaders.  Gaining the opinion from someone who is indulging your food right then and there, gives the participant a sense of entitlement that he/she will be taken care of no matter what concern(s) they have.  Customer service is a huge step in a dining experience and if you value customer service as much as I do, this will be the perfect restaurant for you.

Owner Diego and I

I was able to try about four dishes while dining.  The dishes ranged from items that weren’t on the menu, but were suggested as  possible item on the menu down the line, to items you may see on other menus at your favorite restaurants.  The first item that was offered was the Wild Mushroom Bruschetta, then the Lamb Heart (Which I’ve never eaten or heard of), then duck croquettes, and rack of lamb.  I suppose this was a red meat kind of night.  Let’s start with the mushroom bruschetta shall we?  It was topped with a tiny, sunny-side up quail egg that danced on my taste buds like no other.  The eggs were cooked perfectly and runny enough where I was able to “scoop” some of the yolk up with my bread.  The mushrooms were nice and earthy but sauteed with the perfect amount of seasonings where it will leave you wanting more.



The next item was the lamb heart with sriracha and lamb jus radish.  I was a little skeptical about the lamb heart but when I tasted the flavors and how well it was prepared I loved the dish.  The lamb heart had the consistency of a medium rare piece of filet mignon which wasn’t too chewy but completely melted on your tongue.  If there was a dish that I would try again, it would be the lamb heart.  The white sriracha added just enough spiciness to compliment the salt that the lamb gave off.  I never knew or heard of lamb heart being cooked until now, but it’s always good to learn of a new food.


Last but not least we have the rack of lamb.  The rack of lamb I ordered was a full size portion, which would be generous enough for two people.  If you didn’t order an appetizer before ordering this dish I would suggest you do such.  This dish will not fill you up if you don’t order an appetizer or a salad with it.  The rack of lamb I ordered medium and it came out just the way I like it.  Diego explained that the lamb is marinated overnight in special sauces along with the common thyme, rosemary, salt, and pepper.  A generous portion of mashed potatoes along with vegetables are provided as well.  The vegetables are steamed and I would’ve loved to see a different option available with the vegetables.  I think the vegetables that were on the plate lacked “umph” and were just steamed and thrown to the side.  There was nothing special about this dish, but the flavors were there except for the vegetables.


Overall, this restaurant is a go to.  If you’re looking for a restaurant where you know for sure you’ll enjoy something on the menu, then I suggest you give this place a shot.  This restaurant is also attached to a wine and grilled cheese restaurant that will be opening next door.  If you’re into grilled cheese, they’re going to offer a crab grilled cheese and the grilled cheese items will each feature unique names.  I wish I can be there when that part of the restaurant opens, but sadly I won’t.  If you’re in the area, please make reservations to this restaurant and let me know what you think!



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