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Between 2 Buns (Baltimore, MD)

Sometimes the most challenging thing about writing my next restaurant review is finding the perfect introduction so my readers are engaged.  Sometimes it takes me thirty seconds to come up with an intro, sometimes it takes me twenty minutes.  I guess it just depends on what I’m reviewing or what other things I have on

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Cask & Grain (Baltimore, MD)

Experience is one of the words that I hold heavy weight to when dining at a restaurant.  The quality of the food, the taste, the atmosphere are all very important, but when I leave the restaurant I think to myself, “how was the experience?”.  Today, I encountered my first experience as a blogger who wasn’t

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Maggie’s Farm (Baltimore, MD)

Have you ever gone to a restaurant for the first time and the only thing you can think of is “why did it take me so long to get here?”. I like to call places like that “hidden gems”.  Restaurants like this give you a reason to find more restaurants in your neighborhood because you’d be

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