Trinity Restaurant (New Orleans, LA)

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I wanted to start this review off with using some bombast words that describe how marvelous this restaurant is.  Sadly, I can’t.  All I can come up with is, it’s one of the best restaurants I’ve been to in New Orleans.  That may not seem like a lot of words, but my honesty can’t be ignored.  If I don’t like a restaurant, I’ll be the first to let you know.  Honesty is something that’s been shied away from those reviewing restaurants because they are either paid to provide a “decent” review, or they wouldn’t dare give their friends a bad review.  I, on the other hand, will provide you with an in depth review as to why a restaurant is horrible.  There are certain things that I look for when reviewing a restaurant.  The service, atmosphere, quality of food, and overall experience is what excites me the most about the establishment and Trinity sets the bar for all of those standards.


The restaurant is blocks away from Bourbon Street and is hidden between other restaurant and service establishments.  This would be a “hidden gem”.  If you’re on the strip walking down the street and you’re hungry, you may stop in this place and decide to dine.  But, if you’ve never heard of this place, I doubt you’d look for it because it hasn’t been given the credibility it deserves thus far.  Trinity is a fairly new establishment in New Orleans with its doors opening last year 2016.  I chose this restaurant because it has a beautiful interior, an extensive menu, and looked to be an overall experience.  I’m not right all the time, (well.. because I’m a man.. and men go to Jupiter to get more ….. you know the saying.  Sadly, if you don’t your elementary school experience needed more excitement) but when I do make a great decision EVERYONE will know about it.


There were so many items on the menu that I couldn’t choose one.. Or even two.. Or even three.. Or even four.. Wait.. I think you know where I’m headed with this.  I think I ate everything on the menu but the person that cooked the food.  I was able to order items off the menu that consisted from Smoked Deviled Eggs to Frutti Di Mare.  Before I jump into the plate reviews, I just want to say you have to sit at the dining area that it’s front of the open kitchen.  It provides you with a better understanding of how the Chef works and the amount of time and effort they put into each dish.  The first dish that was ordered was the Tempura Squash Blossoms.  When’s the last time you had squash?  I ask that because it isn’t the “go to” at restaurants when it’s on the menu.  But, if you have an opportunity to order it while it’s stuffed with goat cheese, lemon juice, and topped with anchovies how can you pass that up?  This was by far the most flavorful dish that I ate and my mouth is literally watering as I think about it.  It had a sweet and savory flavor and the goat cheese gave the extra spice that it needed to balance the overall dish.  They provide you with a great portion and could be shared with another person if you decide to dine with a friend when you go.  I would describe this dish as a stuffed jalapeno pepper, but a more flavorful healthier version.  Is this the best appetizer I’ve ever eaten, ever?  I would have to think long and hard about that, but it’s definitely top three on my list.

Tempura Squash Blossoms
Tempura Squash Blossoms

The next dish that was ordered was the Grilled Octopus.  Some people squirm at the thought of eating Octopus, but it really is some of the most flavorful seafood out there when prepared correctly.  The Octopus sat on top of purple potatoes and and was topped with an oyster sauce.  The Octopus has a texture of Shrimp and Calamari but with a slighter tougher consistency.  The dish was very refreshing and could possibly fill you up if ordered with another appetizer.  If you’ve never had Octopus this would be the perfect opportunity for you to order it.  Once you get over the fact that you’re eating a huge tentacle, you’ll actually enjoy the dish.  Does that mean you should be eating this dish with your eyes closed?  Of course not!  How old are we? 10?


By now, I’m sure you all know how I feel about oysters.  I absolutely love oysters.  But, put them on top of some Deviled Eggs, I think I may just have a new obsession.  Trinity has Deviled Eggs that are smoked with horseradish and topped with a cajun caviar.  Not only are you receiving the most fresh oysters they even provide you with caviar!  I try to get caviar whenever I see it on the menu at restaurants because I love the salty texture it has.  Trinity provides you with three eggs and also silverware to properly eat it like you have manners that you were raised with.  Me, I was raised in the wilderness with wolves so I used my hands to devour each egg.  My mother would be disappointed in me because I didn’t use a fork and knife, just kidding, I did.  But, if I were by myself in my living room, silverware wouldn’t have even been a thought.

tr-2tr- 1

The next appetizer that was ordered were the Broiled Oysters with cayenne aioli, panko breadcrumbs, and flying fish roe.  MORE. OYSTERS!!! I can eat oysters all day, although it isn’t good for you to eat too many oysters in one sitting because you may die from food poisoning, it’s still my guilty pleasure.  I loved this dish, but I also love how it’s presented.  Even though you don’t eat the rock salt, I believe it’s so beautifully presented that you should do nothing but just sit there and watch it.  Who am I kidding?  This dish was devoured six seconds after the sixth picture was taken.


For the main course, two entrees were ordered.  I played it safe and ordered something I knew I’d love and I also took chef’s recommendation.  The Seared Scallops and the Frutti Di Mare were ordered.  The Seared Scallops were pan seared on both sides with olive oil and finished with butter, sat on top of smoked corn puree, roasted mirliton, and pie nuts.  These scallops were huge!  They’re hand-dive scallops (which are generally bigger, because they are hand-picked by some soul that goes into the ocean searching for scallops, which I appreciate every, single, effort that’s provided) provided so much flavor and definitely was enough to share.  The smoked corn puree added the perfect smokiness to go with the salty flavor of the scallops.  I really enjoy eating scallops because it’s such a delicacy and if overcooked it can be rubbery, but if properly cooked it can have your taste buds go on a journey that has never been reached.


Last but not least we have the Frutti Di Mare.  If you’ve never had Squid Ink pasta then search for it and forgive yourself for going this long without tasting it.  Shrimp, Lobster, Mussels, and Snow Peas were also added to this dish.  Seafood pasta is such a “safe” dish when going to restaurants, but I don’t care how “safe” it is, if I see it on the menu, I’m going to order it.  The taste of it is amazing and the sauce they use makes the overall dish that much better.  It’s a cream based sauce that the seafood is cooked in and provides the overall dish a shellfish flavor as well.  If I didn’t order this dish, I would’ve gone with the roasted chicken, because I seen someone else order it and it looked astounding.


Overall, this restaurant is a go to.  This is a restaurant where you and your date or friends get dressed up, go have a couple of drinks, and enjoy a nice affordable dinner.  The ambiance is perfect, the decorations are quaint, and everyone is so friendly.


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  1. So I see I have another reason to go to New Orleans. Since it is one of my favorite food cities, I am always looking for new places to try when I visit. I eat my deviled eggs sans silverware when I am at home too.


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