Gordon Ramsay Steak (Las Vegas, NV)

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“Whatever quality of beef it is, has lost any form of taste when it’s cooked well done”- Gordon Ramsay, to a reporter in London.  I whole hardheartedly agree with that statement because anytime you order a steak well done, it eliminates flavor, consistency, and tastes like a hockey puck (assuming a hockey puck tastes like a well done steak).  On this occasion I ordered my steak medium, and unfortunately it was sent out well done.  Las Vegas is known for many restaurants, but for years I’ve wanted to come to this restaurant because I fell in love with watching Gordon Ramsay cook and how passionate he is about food.  I understand that restaurants may not reflect the name of the person that it belongs to, but it should still uphold a standard where things are done correctly.  I wanted to get right into this post to share with you all how disappointed I was in this restaurant.  First, I’d like to discuss the interior of this restaurant and how beautiful it is though. (Silver-Linings are beautiful, aren’t they?)

gr- interiorGR- kitchen

The interior of this restaurant looks like no other.  It has vibrant colors, spacious floors, great presentation, and an overall quality appearance.  As you head into the restaurant to be seated you are given a brief “tour” of the restaurant and the world it would portray when you walk into a tunnel.  I’m always such a sucker for nice interior restaurants because it helps persuade my decision on how well the restaurant is overall, not today though.  The restaurant looked as though it was slightly over-crowded by how close I was sitting to the next individual.  Let me get you a fair example, when you go into the cheesecake factory and you sit on the bench that’s attached to a table, you’re literally sitting inches away from the next person, that’s how much room I had to operate in this establishment.

GR- barGR- wine cellar

Before you order your course(s) the waiter/ess brings out a display of steak.  The display of steak helps you visualize which part of the cow you’ll be eating during your visit.  I thought that was pretty neat, but it reminded me of Mortons Steakhouse.  The thing about Mortons Steakhouse is they take it a step further and show you what your side dish(es) would like as well. I suppose you get an A for effort?  I believe if you go to a restaurant and you don’t know how you’re steak is supposed to look then shame on you.  Why are you expecting a porterhouse when you asked for filet mignon?  Fun Fact : A porterhouse gives you the best of both worlds with a filet on one side and the t-bone on the other.

gr- display

One thing I don’t like about dining at the most finest of the fine restaurant is that they have thirty seven people taken care of you at once.  No, I’m kidding, but it’s more than three.  You have the waiter, the “head waiter”, the water-guy, and the guy that sits and watches you eat to make sure crumbs don’t reach the floor.  It eliminates that one on one experience you’re supposed to have with the individual who is truly working for a tip after your meal.  At some restaurants I often ask to try a recommendation on wine because I’m not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to wine, so I get whatever taste good at the moment.  The “head waiter” or “manager” whatever you’d like to call him, (although I’m sure he has a specific title) brought me some wine to try.  Although I informed him it was good and that I’ll decide if I want a glass, his strong-demeanor led me to actually purchase a glass that I really didn’t want.  He was a little pushy, but that’s my fault for allowing him to “upsale” the glass of wine to me instead of informing him to “back the f*** up, I said I’ll think about it”.  Next time I’ll do that, well.. maybe not, I’m too nice of a person, or… am I?

Enough of the small talk, let’s discuss the real reason why you’re here, the food!  Two courses were ordered along with two sides.  The lobster wellington, bone-in ribeye, and creamed spinach.  If you order the lobster wellington and you’re very hungry, you may want to order an appetizer as the dish takes 45 minutes to make.  I have no clue why, but it does.  I’m sure someone could give me a sophisticated answer on how a dish that involves lobster, crust, caviar, and potato puree could take so long to make.  The dish was a little on the warm side when it was presented to the table, but the presentation was good.  The flavors of the lobster along with the potato puree were great and the caviar added an extra salty flavor to enhance the dish.  The dish is rather expensive but for the amount of food that’s provided, I’d think twice on ordering it.  It wasn’t a fulfilling dish but one that can be used as a side to go along with another dish, preferable steak.  As much as I want to wow you with so many words on how magnificent this dish was, sadly I can’t.  I apologize on behalf of this restaurant.

GR- lobster wellingtonGR- lobster wellington 2gr- lobster wellington 3

Next up we have the bone-in ribeye steak.  I ordered it medium as I order all of my beef no matter where I’m at, (except McDonalds because that’s not beef, don’t debate me either).  I asked the waiter to have the chef cut the steak so it’s easy to eat and makes me feel better that I don’t have to cut my own steak.  Well, the steak that I ordered medium came out well done.  WHAT. THE. HELL. If I wanted a well-done steak, I would’ve ordered a well-done steak.  UGH! I was so disappointed that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would.  Hey, on a brighter note, the creamed spinach was wonderful.  It had a cheesy pepperoni taste to it, and those words to describe the creamed spinach maybe so bad that I didn’t want my brain to think of other synonyms to describe it because the chef didn’t have enough brains to not cook the steak well-done.

GR- steak 2gr- sidesGR- dinner

Overall, I was disappointed in the lack of effort and quality that was put into this over-priced restaurant.  I wouldn’t recommend that you go, but you are an adult, you will do what you wish regardless.  I’m sorry that I couldn’t provide you with such a more in depth experience.  Sometimes the best thing about the restaurant is leaving, and sadly that was my experience.



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