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Carolina Kitchen (Hyattsville, MD)

“Welcome, welcome, wellcccooommmeeee”. When’s the last time you’ve been greeted that way when entering a dining establishment? Well, besides Chic-Fil A, because I honestly believe they’d wash your car while you’re food was being prepared if possible, but that’s here nor there.  No, I’m talking about this soul food restaurant that prides itself on quality

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Smith Commons (Washington, D.C)

Welcome Black History Month.  28 days, or 29 depending on what year it is, to celebrate a month to observe important people and events in the history of the African diaspora.  My blog isn’t so much dedicated to history because it’s a food blog, so I figured I could incorporate this month by highlighting some

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The Food Market (Baltimore, MD)

Who would’ve ever thought that you could go have a nice dining experience inside of a grocery store?  Well, I didn’t so if you did tell me which grocery store you went to, because “The Food Market” isn’t how it sounds.  The Food Market is a restaurant located in the Hampden neighborhood in Baltimore, MD.

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