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Da Hong Pao (Washington, D.C.)

What. The. Hell. Is. Dim Sum?  That’s me, asking my 18 year old self that question because I didn’t know s*** about food.  I know more then I knew now,  of course, but I still can’t properly use than and then in a sentence.  Trust me, spell check doesn’t always correct sentences, just helps you

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Plant Food & Wine (Venice, California)

Let’s step outside the box for a minute and eat something we’ve never eaten.  Or… Have we been devouring this kind of food all along and not realizing it?  Have you ever thought of going vegan?  What does vegan mean to a non-vegan such as myself?  Well… I have no idea because I’m not the

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Smith Commons (Washington, D.C)

Welcome Black History Month.  28 days, or 29 depending on what year it is, to celebrate a month to observe important people and events in the history of the African diaspora.  My blog isn’t so much dedicated to history because it’s a food blog, so I figured I could incorporate this month by highlighting some

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