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Spoken English (Washington, D.C.)

Remember when you were in high-school and were invited to a house party?  Those were the days!  Everyone knows that house parties were the best kind.  There’s only so far you can go, you can’t lose sight of your friends, and the movie is a classic!  (What?  You never heard of Kid n Play?)  Well,

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Da Hong Pao (Washington, D.C.)

What. The. Hell. Is. Dim Sum?  That’s me, asking my 18 year old self that question because I didn’t know s*** about food.  I know more then I knew now,  of course, but I still can’t properly use than and then in a sentence.  Trust me, spell check doesn’t always correct sentences, just helps you

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THIP KHAO (Washington, D.C.)

If you’re anywhere on the east coast you know how strange the weather is.  September through the end of October is the time where your heat is on at night and your AC is on in the middle of the day.  I figured I could go try some food that’s great for both occasions.  I

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