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Clinton St. Baking Company (New York, NY)

Some people enjoy waffles over pancakes, some enjoy pancakes over waffles, but those who love French Toast are a special kind of people.  If I had my choice it would be French Toast, Waffles, than Pancakes, but after my visit to Clinton St. Baking Company, I’d like to revisit my list. Clinton St. Baking Company,

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Hearthside BYOB (Collingswood, NJ)

Road trip!  Well, is it really a road trip if you take a 2 and 1/2 hour drive just to eat at a restaurant and drive back?  I’d say yes.  I drove 5 hours to spend 1 1/2 hours inside of a restaurant just to dine at a restaurant that was referred to me by Leandro

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San Lorenzo (Washington, D.C.)

This restaurant sounds like a GTA video game, doesn’t it?  Well you’re certainly going to get your feelings hurt after playing with the idea of dining at this establishment.  One thing I take serious is food.  I’ve eaten enough and I have studied it enough to know how certain things should look and taste. I

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