St. Anslem (Washington, D.C.)

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I often ask people how do they prefer their steak?  Medium rare, medium, medium well, well done, and last but not least Blue.  (Don’t ask what blue is)  I often correlate a friendship by how someone orders their beef.  Medium rare?  Friends.  Medium?  Best friends.  Medium well?  I may break up a fight for you, but I won’t jump in to have your back.  Well done?  I’m not breaking up the fight, but I’m jumping in… with them.. to continue whipping your a** for eating a hockey puck!


St. Anslem, a Chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley led restaurant, is a gold mine when it comes to steaks and other meats.  I wanted a steak, but not from a steakhouse.  (Does that make sense?)  I could go to your everyday steakhouse, but I would feel underwhelmed because the “umph” just isn’t quite there anymore.  That’s where St. Anslem comes in.  A restaurant that’s dedicated to grilled meats, perfect side dishes, and a rustic interior for good measure.  If you ever wanted an upscale cabin feel to a restaurant, than this maybe the answer to your needs.


During my visit, I kept it short and simple by indulging in two meats, one sea, and two sides.  I’ll start with the juicy part of this review, the reason why I’m here.  Surf and turf.  A 16 oz. Ribeye accompanied with King Crab Legs and au poivre sauce.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve had a steak so succulent, meaty, and flavorful.  Look at me like a child or not, but I prefer to have my steak sliced and presented to me.  It’s easier to eat, and quite frankly, I’m a kid at heart.  The King Crab Legs is what helped set this meal to a new level.  Something so simple can be ruined so easily, but with proper care and meticulousness you have a St. Anslem dinner.  The Crab was buttery, sweet, and flavorful and made me moan with every bite.  NSFW?


The next dish was the Crispy Young Bobo Whole Fried Chicken.  Perfectly seasoned, perfectly fried, and perfectly presented.  When’s the last time you had chicken with its head on?  Oh, and to bring this dish full circle, Chef Marjorie serves it with a homemade mambo sauce.  Mambo Sauce is a D.C. staple, which is usually found in your local “hood” Chinese spots.  It has a sweet and spicy taste with a hint of ketchup, a very unique sauce.  The chicken was flaky, a bit spicy, and tasted as though your grandmother was in the kitchen frying it herself.


The last dishes were the side dishes.  It consisted of a Cobb Salad and Creamed Spinach.  I opted to have the Cobb Salad to go with the main meal, because nothing is more perfect than a well-presented Cobb Salad while eating steak.  The Cobb Salad was made with heritage bacon, blue cheese, and chopped eggs.  The lettuce was fresh and the bacon was salty, the way it should be.  The Creamed Spinach was rich with butter and bright green.  This specific dish tasted as though it had a bit of nutmeg in it, which gave it a bit of spiciness, but overall amazing.


Overall, this place is a stop what you’re doing and go.  Perfect price, perfect meal, and perfect ambiance.  I know you all hate using google, but google Chef Marjorie.  You’ll see her accolades.  I even included a link for you to have more information : –> St. Anslem



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