Ambar (Washington, D.C.)

Have you ever had Balkan food? ¬†Well, let’s assume you haven’t because I haven’t. ¬†For the sake of this review, we’re going to assume we’re surprised by the flavors and ingredients intended for each dish. ¬†This restaurant was suggested by another food blogger that was in town ¬†TIA […]

Sfoglina (Washington, D.C.)

What’s your favorite Italian restaurant? ¬†What did you love about it? ¬†Was it the way the pasta was prepared? ¬†Was it the fresh ingredients they used? ¬†Well, forget about your favorite Italian restaurant because this one is ten times better. ¬†Please, don’t debate me. ¬†Sfoglina defines what an […]

Azumi (Baltimore, MD)

How was the feeling when you first tried something raw? ¬†No, I’m not talking about the vegetables you first tried at the age of 18 years old, because your parents didn’t love you enough to make you eat them while you were growing up. ¬†(I’m kidding, well.. maybe) […]