Dime Store (Detroit, MI)

RESTAURANT REVIEW : Breakfast, the most important meal of the day! Well, that’s what “they” say, I’ve yet to determine who “they” actually are though.  I digress.  During the Detroit travel I decided to highlight some African-American owned restaurants.  I decided to try the Dime Store.  It is known […]

HAPPY DOG (Cleveland, OH)

RESTAURANT REVIEW : One of the most challenging things to do when traveling is finding the perfect place to eat that has the best creativity or some kind of meaning to the travel.  It was recommended that I visited a place that sold gourmet hot dogs just right outside […]

UrbanSoul (Detroit, MI)

RESTAURANT REVIEW : Soul Food!  You can’t go on a restaurant excursion to an all African-American owned/inspired restaurant and not stop at a soul food spot.  If you’re not into soul food or haven’t tried it please give it a shot.  Most of the greens that are offered for vegetables […]