Washington D.C. (Unum)

RESTAURANT REVIEW : Unum was a restaurant that has been on my list for a while of places to dine in the D.C. area.  What I didn’t know is that it’s really close to where I frequent.  I decided to give this spot a try and stop giving myself excuses […]

H’e’aven In CT (Olea)

  TRAVEL REVIEW:  I never had the “college experience” or went to different campuses like other college students did while in school.  I was too busy working, paying rent, you know… The typical life of an actual “adult”.  No complaints though, the school I went to wasn’t necessarily known […]

Shirley’s Breakfast (Miss Shirley’s)

Restaurant Review : Breakfast! The most important meal of the day right?  I decided to grab some breakfast at this spot called Miss Shirley’s in Maryland.  They have different locations but this one I went to was in Annapolis, MD.  They are known for having “Pancakes or French Toast” […]