(Alexandria, VA)BASTILLE

RESTAURANT REVIEW : The good thing about living in the DMV area (DMV= D.C. Maryland and Virginia, anything that touches the outerloop of the beltway within 30 minutes you’re considered living in the DMV) is that you get to be in three different states at one time.  Not literal […]

Washington, D.C. (Rural Society)

  RESTAURANT REVIEW : Washington D.C. has a plethora of restaurants that I want to try. You can literally go outside, pick a restaurant, and chances are you’ll be satisfied with the results.  The specific restaurant I chose for this night was Rural Society which is a contemporary Argentine steakhouse from […]

Providence, Rhode Island

  Hello.  Did you miss me?  Please, even if you didn’t say you did, I’d be sad if you say you didn’t.  It’s been a month and I enjoyed my hiatus from blogging, but I did get to enjoy some pretty nice restaurants.  I decided to take a […]